Tara did an amazing job with my puppies Pebbles and Bam Bam!!! They were just four months old when they went to AAK9 for two weeks of boarding and training. Tara sent us several video updates to see their progress and called us to let us know how they were doing. I missed them so much when they were gone, but it was totally worth it!!! My tiny babies came home smart, patient, grown up and THEY LISTEN TO ME!!!! I am so glad we sent them at a young age. Everything they needed to learn about how to be a “good dog” they learned from Tara and her team. We have never had any behavioral problems with our pups thanks to Tara! Pebbles and Bam Bam get so excited to see Tara, Bea and Gary every time we attend the group sessions! They love them like family♥️ Highly recommend AAK9!!Monika PriorMarch 23, 2022
I highly recommend and strongly suggest using All Around K9 if you’re looking for the best trainers in San Antonio. Tara was beyond amazing and I cannot thank her enough for training my Australian Shepherd. So the story behind my Aussie, she was a rescue and when we adopted her we knew we were in for a wild ride. However the first night she attacked my older dog and we quickly realized we had zero control as it was tough separating her from him. We tried to do our best with training and offer as much support but we were at our wit’s end. After countless times of trying to restrain her from fighting with my older dog and fighting us to restrain her from doing anything she wasn’t supposed to do, we decided to search for a local trainer. We made the commitment to saving our girl and we decided to invest in finding the most highly recommended trainer in town. We had a friend Laura Mason share her experience and after doing more research I decided to take her in for a consultation. This was probably the best decision I ever made in my life. Just in the short period of time I saw a difference and we decided to do the 2 week board and train. My husband and I came by during that period do some training as well with her. Took home notes and studied the commands we learned. We picked up Roxy while meeting Tara at Lowes and did some more training inside the store. My little rescue was a changed girl. Things have been so wonderful now! She is so playful with my Max and doesn’t hurt him. Most importantly she doesn’t fight with him or us anymore. She’s such a sweetheart. We have kept doing our homework with her and it seems like she’s getting better everyday. She now listens to our commands and is behaving extremely well. My Roxy is living her best life now with so much love and attention. We truly love her so much and now can’t imagine life without her. We owe all of this to Tara. Her expertise, skill set and patience changed and improved my rescue’s life. We will use her for any future pets and will be forever grateful to her and the whole All Around K9 trainers. Looking forward to the maintenance walks and group trainings. -Caroline and Michael ContrerasCaroline ContrerasMarch 22, 2022
I took my crazy pup Lucky to Tara & Gary and got back a completely different dog! I don’t know what they did with him, but he is so well behaved. The dog that never listened is now on point! My neighbor who recommended them came over with her kids yesterday & thinks Lucky is a new dog. She was SOOO impressed! I cannot give higher praises. I recommend them 1000%Danielle StackhouseFebruary 22, 2022
Thanks to our sweet professional dog trainer Tara, our little Daisy is a totally different dog. It was a pleasure working with Tara, and I will continue to do everything she has taught me to do.Linda FohnSeptember 7, 2021
I put my Doberman through the 2 week training course. Bea was my main trainer, and took very well care of her. I got pictures and videos throughout the two weeks. She was returned to me with proper greeting, house manners, and other obedience training. She also listens so much better on our walks/runs. She stays by my side and no longer tries to interact with other people or dogs. Since reinforcing what Bea has taught my dog, I am now able to run off-leash with my Doberman and she still listens. It's been months since I have completed training and am very happy with the results. I can still text Bea and she is still very helpful if I have any questions. The maintenance walks held monthly are also very nice to meet in person to help troubleshoot anything that you or your pup may need a refresher on. Overall very satisfied. Expectations were definitely met and my pup is much more enjoyable to take in public as well as having her around the house.Matthew McAdenOctober 27, 2021
All Around K9 Training helped us with our "scared of everything but acts tough" guy. They helped give our GSD a foundation of confidence, and gave us tools that will help him grow into a confident, friendly, well rounded pup.Maribel WollmannNovember 16, 2021
John CollardAugust 23, 2021
We had a amazing experience putting our 1 year old Australian Shepherd Koda through the 2 week boarding program. Before the program he was a VERY anxious/aggressive toward other dogs and unknown people. Whenever we would try to take him for a walk he pull, nip, and bark uncontrollably. Overall, we were very concerned about his behavior in the long run. Tara and Gary sent us updates on Koda with pictures and information on how he was doing. When he came back from training he was a MUCH better behaved pup. He listens much better and is exceptionally better with dogs and people. We were also given proper instruction on how to follow the training. This includes the proper amount of exercise he needs, how to correct him, instruction on the use of basic commands, ecollar, and most importantly to be patient as it is a learning process. Tara and Gary were very kind and answered all of our questions even after the training. We are very grateful for all the hard work they did with our pup and I’m sure he is too!Emily SegoviaAugust 17, 2022
Tara did a fantastic job with our dog. He is a big dog who had training before with reward training but he was getting to the point where he needed to be rewarded or he wouldn’t do most things. He is the sweetest dog but with our new baby and his cat problem we needed a trainer who would work with him to listen at all time. Tara had him for 2 weeks and we’ve had him back for 2 days now, he is doing such a great job and listening so well. We have used 3 previous trainers in the past and we are by far the most impressed with Tara and her team. Everything with him from walks to hanging out with the family to friends visiting is so pleasant where before it was getting to be a chore. We are very happy and would definitely recommend them!!Vijay BJune 15, 2021
Wow! I’m so thoroughly impressed by the training my girl, Indie, received when we dropped her off with Tara and Gary for the 2 week board and train program. While Indie was a sweetheart, she was extremely reactive and anxious while on walks. The Indie I got back was so much more secure in her self and no longer reactive! She follows every command like a pro and I feel like such a better dog mom now that she’s no longer scared of everything that walks by. Tara and Gary really took the time to teach my husband and I the proper way to continue with her training and made sure we understood and did right by Indie. I can’t recommend them enough. Having gone through a different board and train program for my other dog, Tara and Gary are god-sent. If you want trainers who really take the time to not only teach your dog but you as the owner, please go with them. AAK9 training is very much worth the investment and your pup will thank you for it.Lyanni GuzmanJanuary 6, 2022
It’s only been a few days since Gary and Tara came over to help us address a few dogs that have gotten out of hand. They gave us the tools we needed to see a difference with the promise that if we followed through we would see a difference. It has been 2 days and I already see a GIANT difference. They know what they are doing, and putting in the work seems to make a difference.Becky SmithMarch 14, 2022
My dog Luna (2 yr old German Shepherd) just spent 2 weeks at All Around K9 Training and let me tell you she’s a whole different dog!! Luna was very anxious and fear aggressive, she was trained as a puppy and because “life” happened, I didn’t stay consistent. She was aggressive towards cats, my parents dogs, and would bark and growl at anyone who got too close to her. The last straw for me was a snapping incident with my daughter and another small child. It was a hard decision to send my baby for 2 weeks but i got daily pictures and updates!! With the help of Eva, Gary, and Tara, Luna is now able to be around other people, as well as other dogs. It’s still a work in progress but she has improved so much in just 2 weeks. We are excited to be able to take her along with us to family events as well as sporting events. I cannot thank All Around K9 Training enough for all the hard work they did with my Luna! ❤️Esmi GauthierSeptember 2, 2022
My wife and I brought our puppy Ryker to Gary and Tara for some serious fear aggression/anxiety issues. I have been trying to think of something, anything, negative to say about this experience, but nothing but positivity comes to mind. Gary and Tara both took care of our fur baby and eased our minds about the entire process. Three weeks of board and train and we brought home a new dog. He not only obeys, has manners, but we can take him out in public now. Just today, someone actually told us how behaved our dog was, never could we expect to be complimented in such a great way and we owe it all to Gary and Tara. They communicated with us through the entire process, updated us along the way, and even had us over multiple times to show us what needs to be done to keep up with Ryker’s training. We cannot recommend them enough and will continue to use Gary and Tara for maintenance training, to ensure Ryker stays in the best shape, as he was when we picked him up from their home!Richard GagnonOctober 28, 2021
All I can say is WOW! In just two weeks, Bea turned our “overly energetic” 8 month old GSP (Whiskey) into an amazing and obedient dog. The “before and after” is almost too incredible to be true! So obvious that these people love both the animals they take on to train AND their profession. If you’re considering training, just do it! I highly recommend All Around K9!!! Will SteeleWill SteeleOctober 5, 2021
We are very much impressed with the changes in our dog! We sent in a very active dog that was constantly jumping on and nipping at the children. Our dog came back completely well trained and easy to manage following the training guidelines given to us. Tara and Gary made sure we understood what we needed to do to continue/ maintain the training, as well as what to expect from our dog. We learned to give our active dog tasks, which helped his over all behavior. Now the entire family has an enjoyable time playing and training with our dog; the kids especially love the chance to play with the dog without scratches! We highly recommend All around K9 training!Bridget De AndaAugust 12, 2022
I did a 2 week board and train with my 11 month old GSD Dom. Dom had some light training prior to going with All Around K9 but only displayed obedience on his own accord; and it was fair at best. During his two week program we received daily updates, in depth explanations, tons of pictures/videos and participated in multiple lessons. Before Dom went to AAK9 he would jump up on people when excited, chase the cat, bark when not getting enough attention (yes really 🙄), would not lay down, etc. After just two weeks my dog is night and day different. When told to "place" he will stay on his mat for hours on end, his excitement is completely under control now, and he's completely obedient to my commands. AAK9 goes further than just quality training though.. The trainers fully adopt their profession both professionally and personally. During your lessons the passion displayed is second-to-none and thoroughly impressed me. I highly recommend AAK9. My German now goes with me everywhere without me worrying about maintaining control of my dog. Fantastic experience and well worth the money/time investment.Jakob WarrenJune 18, 2021
Amazing results! Dropped off our one year old German Shepard mix for their two week program. Gary did an excellent job keeping us in the loop and updating us on his progress. You can tell he really loves dogs. I highly recommend doing a training session after the first week and not just a long one after the two weeks. We are from Corpus so we were hesitant to come do a lesson after the first week, but so glad we made the extra trip. It is a lot of information to take in, but Gary did a great job explaining the commands and made sure we were comfortable before heading back home. Highly recommend them for any type of training your dog may need.Austin JonesJanuary 22, 2022
My 1 1/2 year old Minnie schnauzer had some anxiety and serious social issues. Before the training I was not able to walk him or take him out in public. After the training we’ve been able to walk in a public store, hang out with family all with no issues. Tara and Gary did an awesome job and are very informative in the training processBrandon BenitezSeptember 12, 2022
This place has the best training! We brought our very unruly dog to them and now we have a very obedient dog who I can walk without worrying about her jumping all over people or running away from me. Would highly recommend!!!Mary Beth BjerkenJune 30, 2022
Gary and Tara trained Gus, our 7-1/2 month old Lab puppy for us. He was quite a handful when we took him in and he came home such a gentleman. They are excellent trainers who care about their work and love it, along with a friendly and knowledgeable support staff… Gus has been trained to succeed! Thank you guys so very much!!Diana PhersonAugust 21, 2022
Great training facility. Extremely satisfied with the results. They sincerely care about the dogs they work with. Our 9 month old Malinois has made tremendous improvement. We were kept informed on his progress from the very first day. We highly recommend All Around K9 training. Our dog will be coming back for his continued training.Andrea AndreaAugust 9, 2021
Wow is what comes to mind when talking about All Around K9 Training. Our goal for Radar was to make him a therapy dog for me to use when counseling school children. In efforts to make that happen, we put our dog through a board and train with another company who had lots of ads on the Internet. To make a long story short, we were very disappointed when the trainer called and told us that our dog would not be a good candidate for a therapy dog. She recommended that we look for another dog to train. Prior to going to that company, our dog was very comfortable around all animals on and off the leash. Unfortunately, when we got him back, he was leash aggressive and wanted to attack people and animals. We were so disappointed. We quickly found out that the trainer they assigned to our dog had just graduated from high school. We felt totally let down. One night while working at the Children's Bereavement Center, a lady shows up with her therapy dog that was so well behaved. After talking to her, I found out that Tara and her husband Gary from All Around K9 Training, trained her dog. She told me that her dog, after only two weeks, came back as a totally different dog. She recommended that I contact them and explain what had happened to our dog with his training. I contacted All Around K9 Training and scheduled a consultation with Tara and Gary. Within 5 minutes, we knew Tara and Gary were highly experienced trainers. They began to pull dogs out of their kennel and evaluated how our dog reacted to their dogs. They immediately saw what the problem was and began using corrections to address the issues. Within just a few minutes, they had our dog feeling comfortable and confident around their dogs. They spent close to 2 hours with us even though we had not hired them yet. We were extremely impressed with them and knew this was the company we would use. We stopped looking at the point. Within a couple of weeks, Tara called and told us that she had a cancellation and wanted to know if we were ready to begin Radar's training. We dropped off Radar and within one week, Tara schedules a meeting with us. This meeting was not only to see Radar's progress but it was to train us. They will make sure that everything they do, you do at home. Again, we spent about 2 hours going through training. This did not stop there. We must have had at least 3 meetings with them before getting our dog back. When we did get Radar back, we could not believe the transformation. He was a totally different dog. He listened to every command, was always on point, he ignored, dogs ducks, people, traffic noises, cars, and other people calling him. His primary focus was on the person training him. We are so excited with the change and are now excited to take him everywhere we go. You should see the people's reaction when they see how well he behaves all around San Antonio. Oh, and the message we received about him not being a good candidate as a therapy dog, well look at the photo and you tell me if that is the case. Our kids and staff at my school love Radar. He brings so much joy to everyone he meets which could never have been possible without All Around K9 Training. Don't make the same mistake we did and just go with anyone. Schedule your consultation and talk to Gary and Tara first. After you meet with them, you will see that no one else will even come close to what they do. These trainers are truly miracle workers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!! Roland Cornejoroland cornejoApril 9, 2022
Extremely happy with my experience with All Around k9. Gary and Tara are amazing trainers, they go above and beyond.Daniela SanciprianAugust 12, 2022
Let me say this is our seventh German Shepherd and hands down this has been the best dog training experience ever! Our eight month old puppy has completed two one week board and train sessions and each time the progress was amazing! We received updates, from Tara with photos of our pup visiting various locations, playing with other dogs, and actually couldn't believe that it was our dog! I definitely recommend All Around K9 for any breed!Jeff RogersSeptember 14, 2021
Wow! I truly was on the verge of having to say goodbye to the dog we adopted. Leeli was 13 months old when we rescued her. She has always been super sweet, but terribly anxious when we would leave her alone in the house. She destroyed 4 crates, and about $5,000 worth of furniture and other household destruction. Then we called Tara. The two week board and train was our Hail Mary attempt to keep our sweet dog, and this was the best investment we could have made. Leeli returned from the training calm, responsive, and crate trained with little to no anxiety. She now sleeps in here crate each evening, and we have received countless complements from other people on the trails regarding how well behaved and sweet our dog is. I could not give a higher recommendation for all around k9 training!! It is completely worth the investment.Josh Van WyngaardenJune 3, 2021
Tara and Gary were referred to us by a neighbor who was happy with the training. Tara responded quickly when I reached out and we had a consultation about our 2.5 year old Jack. We felt confident they would be able to help our rehomed pup and set up a date for a 2 week board and train. Jack suffered from severe anxiety and showed signs of aggression. He was also terrified of his crate and was fearful of everything. Our vet also suggested training would be more successful than administering medication. We wanted to do everything we can to help him because he was also super loving and wanted love in return. We received updates, pictures and video via text messages and also hopped on a call when needed. We attended 2 training sessions with Jack and let me just say… what a transformation!!! He was like a new pup when he came home. Tara and Gary know what they’re doing and they do a wonderful job with the training. We learned a lot about how to deal with dogs and looking at things from a different perspective. There is no doubt in my mind they are passionate about what they do and making sure they are well trained. They are the only ones we would trust to care for Jack and we can’t thank them enough for helping out our buddy. 1000% would recommend and worth every penny.Donna DavisNovember 4, 2021
We sent our pup, Rollo, for two rounds of training with Tara and we are beyond happy with the results. The first round was for basic training when Rollo was about 5 months old. Our biggest struggle at that time was Rollo wanting to play anytime we got on the ground to play with our young son. After a week with Tara, Rollo came back with a “place” skill that allows us to place him in his spot when we need him calm and out of the way. This skill alone has been life changing for us. He also came back with leash skills that have made our family walks much more enjoyable. When Rollo was around a year old, we sent him back for a second week of training with e-collar. While Rollo maintained a lot of his skills from his first week of board and train, he was showing some fearful behavior when meeting new people and had started to bark incessantly at other people/dogs while on walks. Tara was able to quickly get him more comfortable in social settings, and we successfully took our first off-leash walk around our neighborhood today! Thank you so much All-Around K-9!Kristen ContrerasJuly 6, 2021
We took our 6 month old blue heeler, and after the two weeks, Daisy was outstanding! Tara, Gary, and Morgan all did an amazing job with training Daisy. Definitely take your puppy to them if you need training done!Megan PenaJanuary 11, 2022
Excellent dog training at All-Around K-9!! Not only was my Pip a changed dog, Tara spent time with me, the owner, longer and more thoroughly than any other dog trainer I’ve ever employed. 5 stars!Susan SmithAugust 12, 2022
Tara and Gary did a phenomenal job training our rescue. In four weeks we went from struggling to to thriving and now we are walking our dog off leash. They changed the game for us. I highly recommend AAK9 for your dogs training needs.Charles HumphreyAugust 10, 2022
K9 goes above and beyond. Tara and Wilson are really passionate about the job they do and it shows! They are really results driven which is the important things. I highly recommend All Around K9 training! We have completed the 2 week training program thus far.IggyJuly 22, 2021
Great experience with Gary and All Around K9. I was originally hesitant to use a balanced training approach to my super sensitive pup. But Gary was wonderful in his approach and mannerisms and helped make my 120 lb Wolfhound much more enjoyable to walk while giving me the confidence to overcome my anxiety and interact correctly with my dog.Brandi StagerFebruary 24, 2022
I see this is a great place to take your K9, what are the prices?adrii oAugust 13, 2021
Gary was a lifesaver! We have a black lab that was just so stubborn and Gary gave us the piece of mind and tools we needed to live a normal life again. Gary saw us struggling with Rita and offered his services. Now, we are able to take Rita along with us wherever we go and she behaves. Gary worked with our schedule since we had to drive from Laredo to San Antonio and met up with us even if we left late. Gary is very friendly and very professional and loves each one of the pups he trains as his own. We now board Rita with Gary when we can’t take her with us. He has become a good friend. I highly recommend Gary if you need a good, professional trainer for your pooch. Thank you so much, Gary, for helping us with Rita!David LopezAugust 19, 2021
Great people. They did an awesome jobNathan BernalAugust 12, 2022
Engaging All Around K9 Training was the best decision we could have made when it came to the care of our 5 year old German Sheperd, Nacho. We adopted Nacho from a shelter, and we want to be able to take him everywhere with us as a family. These guys were so responsive, so professional, and so passionate about training for our dog! The skills we learned through their two-week boarding program have allowed us to bond with Nacho and vice versa, and we feel 100% confident with him now around other animals and in public places. Just could not be happier with our whole experience.Marisa BonoSeptember 21, 2021
Tara and Gary have turned our lives around with our dogs. We have 4, two pitbull mixes, a catahoula pointer blend and a parson Russell terrier and it seemed like our house was always in motion. When people would come over we felt so embarrassed due to the barking, jumping and us yelling trying to control everything. Now after 4 lessons with both Tara and Gary it’s like we don’t even have dogs when people walk through the door. We are also able to walk loose leash and a bit off leash. Going out in public with any of them is even better whether it’s a store, restaurant or just walking around parks and malls. Between basic obedience, choke chains and e-collars we are beyond thrilled with results and can’t wait to have follow up lessons to keep progressing with off leash training. I would recommend to anyone with dogs that just want to have more control in and out of their home.Kyra MillerJuly 10, 2021
All Around K9 Training was the best thing that could have happened for our dog. We have a 3 year old husky mix who needed help with basic obedience and being calm with other people and dogs. Our trainer, Bea, helped our dog (and us) so much. Through the training, not only did our dog learn everything that he needed to, but we also learned how to continue with the training afterwards and, overall, how to handle our dog with confidence. Bea met with us many times over the course of two weeks and was so kind and patient with us and our dog through the process. A few weeks later and our dog is still walking by our side and staying in his place and following commands when people come over. So grateful for All Around and Bea for the amazing training!TirzaSeptember 21, 2021
We had such a great experience with them! Within the first lesson we saw improvement in Kaia’s behavior. They work with your schedule and made us feel confident as we learned how to train her.Brittany MapelMay 26, 2021
We can’t recommend Gary and Tara enough. They did an outstanding job with our puppy and it has made such a difference. They always make time to answer our questions and work with us on behavior and habits at home. They truly love what they do and they are exceptional at it. They are worth every penny and we definitely recommend them.Leena LaugerJune 30, 2022
Just 3 weeks after adopting my 4 year old dog, Martin, from the humane society; I wanted to make sure not only myself as a first time dog owner, but Martin, was trained appropriately. I bought a package of training sessions to see how we both did. I learned so much from Gary and Tara, from things like proper leashes, collars, crating, traveling with dogs, food, to teaching Martin basic commands and handling. Martin was a quick learner and he did so well. I have nothing but awesome things to say about All Around K9 Training and my experience. One of the biggest reasons (aside from the positive reviews I read) I chose All Around K9 Training, was they don’t exclusively list that they use one type of training tool, like all of the other K9 training cites in San Antonio that I looked into. They assess your dog as an individual and make a game plan specifically for him/her. I loved the individuality of the training and care provided.Jennifer LaknerJanuary 10, 2022
We have two dogs that recently went to the “two-week board and train”, and it has made a huge difference! Bullseye is our 4-year-old staffy mix and Franki is our two-year-old border collie lab mix. Bullseye stayed with Gary and Tara, and Franki went with Wilson. Long story short, walks aren’t miserable or embarrassing anymore! We have nothing but good things to say about AAK9. We can tell that the trainers went the extra mile with our dogs and even developed a great connection with them. They provided plenty of updates to us during training and really cared about our goals for the dogs. We’re excited to have our dogs board with AAK9 during any trips we take in the future. Thanks for everything!Ryan GonzalesAugust 5, 2021
3 things. 1. If you’re looking for a trainer - stop. This is who you need to contact. I knew in the beginning of our assessment that All Around K9 would be the perfect fit for me and my bub. 2. BEYOND qualified and caring. I learned so much about dogs AND myself during our time together. There was a minute that didn’t align to an objective and there was genuine care from start to finish. 3. YOU will have work to do. Although you can drop your K9 off, I feel it is imperative that YOU get as much hands on training with AAK9 as possible. You can have the most well trained dog in the world, but if you don’t know how to control it, you doing it a disservice.Kristin Marie DMarch 27, 2022
We sent our 8 month old lab Sophie to the 2 week training with Bea, and it felt like we got a different dog back at the end. Sophie was so much more obedient, calm, and well-mannered. She no longer pulls on our walks. She doesn’t jump up on us, or try to bite and nip us when we pet her. She knows the leave it command now which is so helpful since Sophie likes to eat EVERYTHING. Ultimately, she’s still our fun, crazy Sophie, but we’ll trained. We highly recommend AAK9! They did an awesome job training both us and Sophie!Angela FlemingNovember 8, 2021
All I can say is "WOW!" Having our 6 month old standard poodle trained by Tara & Gary was the absolute best money we've ever spent. He is a completely different (better) dog now. We can actually take him out in public & he behaves great. He was out of control before we took him to All Around K9 TRAINING. He is now a happy member of our family & we're glad that he is (finally). They care so much that they follow up on how you & your dog are doing after training. You will always be able to call them later on if you need advice. You'd be nuts to use anyone else!Steve BradleyJuly 28, 2021
Really wonderful dog trainers! My pup’s manners and skills are so much better after four lessons. She walks so well on a leash and can be in public without behaving badly. The trainers are friendly and playful, and also really skilled. If you need your dog trained, don’t hesitate!Kate ValienteJuly 15, 2021
I have this fantastic GSP that has a ton of energy. I knew that she would need professional training so I began my search before I picked up my pup at 8 weeks old. I noticed a dramatic difference in my neighbor’s dog and she gave me the reference to All Around K9. I called and spoke with Tara who was so patient with me asking a million questions! My pup’s biggest issues for her age were pulling on the leash (my hand would be red and sore) and jumping up on people. AAK9 kept her for a week and I’m thoroughly impressed with her progress. I went for a 2.5 mile run with her this morning and it was so enjoyable because my pup didn’t pull or lag behind- she kept my pace. She’s obedient and so much more fun to be around. As a single mom, working full time, I am unable to devote the time to train my pup and am so grateful AAK9 exists! Thanks again for your help and supportKaren SnowAugust 31, 2021
AAK9 training is outstanding. It is amazing how much our relationship with our dog has improved with the training, and techniques that they gave us. I highly recommend to anyone seeking to train their dog.James ByrneApril 22, 2022
Our dog has improved so much with obedience and now has boundaries, thanks to Gary. He taught Margarita social skills and respect to family members of all ages. Gary showed us how to handle her with boundaries. He was very accommodating to meet with us to review the skills Margarita was working on. He treated Margarita as his own dog. She slept in a kennel inside his house and took her everywhere he went. I have recommended Gary to a couple of friends already. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude to Gary for training Margarita and the family. We have a picture of Gary to remind Margarita- “would Gary allow you to do that?” It stands next to her Place. - Yvonne O González and familyChristina GonzalezAugust 19, 2021