About All Around K9 Training


Tara, Dog Trainer Near me
  • Leader Dog for the Blind as a senior project in HS
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology
  • Heavy influence in animal behavior
  • Minor in Sociology
  • Georgia K9, NTC
  • Law enforcement K9 trainer
  • Off Leash K9 Raleigh

Tara was fortunate to work with dogs at a young age. She raised a Future Leader Dog for the Blind, Franklin, as a senior project in High School, where she started learning canine training and properly socialize dogs. Tara graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a heavy influence in animal behavior and a minor in Sociology. After college, Tara moved to South Carolina. She worked with Georgia K9, NTC, where she trained tracking/trailing dogs for law enforcement and military. Tara also learned multiple disciplines within dog training, including obedience and detection. Tara moved to North Carolina, where she worked with Off Leash K9 Raleigh, where she had the opportunity to train dogs of all breeds and sizes, with different behavior issues. She recently moved to Texas and opened All-Around K9 Training with her husband.


Gary, Dog Trainer Near Me
  • In field trial competitions dogs
  • Marine Corps
  • Military, Working Dog Handler
  • Marine Corps Special Operations Command
  • Multi-Purpose Canine Master Trainer qualifications
  • Educated from the most world-renowned training facilities
  • Vohne Liche Kennels
  • Basic/Advanced training courses with GAK9 tactical tracker teams
  • Operant conditioning
  • MARSOF helicopter insertion extraction techniques
  • Odor imprint trainer course
  • helped start, test, and create the MARSOC MPC jump program
  • Competed in the American Working Dog Olympics 2014-2016

Gary grew up always having dogs in his childhood. He was first introduced to canine training in high school, where friends introduced him to various types of hunting with dogs. Many friends used dogs for hunting raccoons and retrieving waterfowl. A local trainer forwarded the opportunity to assist field trials for competition hunting dogs. Infield trial competitions dogs retrieve ducks and other games over long distances with a more complicated path through ponds and fields. After experiencing the fantastic capabilities, these dogs had Gary very interested in pursuing canine training as a hobby.

After college in 2007, Gary joined the Marine Corps, where he became a Military, Working Dog Handler. He then attended a Specialized Search Dog course, where the primary mission is to deploy and support units overseas. These units searched for explosive devices and weapons caches off-leash and at greater distances utilizing radios to communicate with the canine at a distance of up to a half-mile away. After deploying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Gary attended selection for the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC). He graduated as a Multi-Purpose Canine Special Operations Enabler in 2012. While at MARSOC, Gary continued to deploy worldwide in support of special operation forces teams. He achieved his Multi-Purpose Canine Master Trainer qualifications by attending many trainer courses, seminars, and conferences. His education comes from some of the most world-renowned training facilities. He was trained at the department of defense military working dog school aboard.

Lackland Air Force Base. He also trained at the famous Vohne Liche Kennels with owner Ken Licklider specializing in strong social police dogs. He attended many basic and advanced training courses with GAK9 tactical tracker teams and owner Jeff Schettler.

He helped start, test, and create the MARSOC MPC jump program where Marines are training to parachute with canines and essential combat gear into remote areas of operation. Gary also competed in the American Working Dog Olympics 2014-2016 against over 150 competitors from 4 continents where his team placed in the top three for over 75 events. Gary is currently stationed aboard Lackland Air Force Base and is serving as an instructor for the
Specialized Search Dog and Combat Tracking Dog courses where he trains, certifies, and prepares Marine dog teams to deploy for worldwide operations.

During his military career, Gary has completed:

  • odor imprint trainer course
  • advanced decoy trainer course
  • tactical tracker/trailing and defeat trainer course
  • operant conditioning with Professor Bob Bailey
  • vehicle interdiction
  • MARSOF helicopter insertion extraction techniques
  • advanced large hide explosive formulations
  • dual-purpose tactical deployment trainer course


  • Native New Yorker
  • Marine 2013
  • Military Police Office
  • Military Working Dog Handler
  • Passion
  • Over 7 Years canine training experience
  • Developed balance training style
  • Eager and found his calling

Wilson, a New York native born in Queens, initially joined the Marine Corps after college in 2013 to become a Military Police Officer. The thought of working and training canines did not come into existence until he was introduced to the idea early in his military career. Once he was exposed to the dog community and earned the privilege to become a Military Working Dog Handler, he quickly realized that it was his passion, never looking back. Wilson finished his career in the Marine Corps honorably in 2020 with over seven years of in-depth canine training experience. Throughout his time enlisted, he has earned multiple K9 certifications. In addition, He has developed his balanced training style, which aims to use specific training techniques tailored for each unique dog and give the respect and understanding that every dog deserves. Always humble and eager to learn from dogs and people alike, Wilson is an example of a person who has found his calling. He loves the process of canine training and could not imagine doing anything else! He enjoys helping others learn about dog training by sharing the information most straightforwardly. Overall, Wilson strives to provide pet owners peace in their homes and has made it his personal goal to make every dog he trains better than expected.

Ryan Dean

  • From Connecticut
  • Marine Corps
  • Working Dog Handler
  • DIA, DOC, and Kennedy Center
  • Over 5 years experience
  • Passion

Ryan Dean was born in Connecticut but lived and graduated in Rockwall, Texas. Ryan joined the Marine Corps out of high school and became a Military, Working Dog Handler. After, Ryan briefly worked as a security K9 handler in D.C. for the DIA, DOC & Kennedy Center. Ryan has a little boy and wife who is a Basic Handler Course Instructor on Lackland AFB and two personal dogs at home. He has a 12-year-old lab who was his partner during his time in service and a six-year-old rescue.     

My name is Ryan; I’m 24 years old and originally from Rockwall Tx. With just over five years of experience, dog training has become my passion! I have a 12-year-old Retired Military Working Dog named Daisy, a 6-year-old rescue named Gypsy, and a little boy named Jameson who loves dogs just as much as his parents.


  • 26 Years in Air-force
  • Military Police
  • Basic Trainer
  • JROTC instructor
  • Passionate
  • Interned with AAK9
  • Educate Dog Owners


Bea is a trainer at All Around K9 Training. She spent 26 years in the Air Force as a Security Forces Defender (Military Police) and Basic Training Instructor. She retired from the Air Force in 2017 and worked as a JROTC instructor at O’Connor high school from 2017-2020. Bea changed career paths after adopting her first dog Mars who Tara trained for two weeks. Bea learned how to continue Mars’ training. Unfortunately, Mars passed away shortly after from Chaga’s disease. Bea continued to be passionate about dogs and training and adopted Oly, who she trained entirely by herself. She interned with All Around K9 Training and eventually became the newest member of the team. Bea has changed the lives of many dogs and owners through training and has chosen to dedicate her life to help us educate dog owners on leadership, communication, and advocacy.