One week board and train

With our one week board and train package, your dog will stay with us in our home where he gets that extra attention

We will instill all the basic commands trained on a leash

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Heel
  • Door manners
  • Not jumping on furniture
  • No
  • More

Your dog will learn to understand door manners, not jumping on furniture, and ‘no’ for any negative behavior. We instill all the commands within our trainer’s household and implement house rules.

After your dog’s training is complete, it is your turn. We provide you with a two-hour lesson where you will learn how your dog was trained and give you all the tools you need to maintain the training going forward.

We provide proper equipment, which includes a long leash and training collar. Afterward, we provide an additional follow up lesson to ensure training is going well, maintained, and to help with any issues that may have arisen after training and the transition back to your home.

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